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Lexical Computing is a leading solution provider in the field of natural language processing and
computational linguistics. Its main product Sketch Engine hosts more than 400 text corpora in more than 80 languages and is used by universities, national language institutes and publishing houses all over the world to explore how language is used.

Náplň práce

We are looking for a front-end JavaScript developer ready to undertake an ambitious and exciting project of developing an all-new Sketch Engine interface from scratch with a strong emphasis on user experience. The position is full-time or part-time, based in the Science Park at FI MU, Brno, Czech Republic.


=== Responsibilities ===
* develop an all-new user interface from scratch
* optimize the application for maximum speed and scalability
* collaborate with the designer and the Sketch Engine team
=== Skills and Qualifications ===
* strong understanding of JavaScript, its quirks, and workarounds
* knowledge of ReactJS (or alternatives) and the paradigm of building modern single-page JavaScript
applications that exploit HTML5 and visualize complex outputs
* a profound knowledge of asynchronous request handling, partial page updates, and AJAX
* good understanding of browser rendering behavior and performance

The position will require the candidate to have a keen eye for detail, a working proficiency in English, good communication skills and good organizational skills to deal with an extensive project.


=== We offer ===
* a brand new challenging project opening opportunities for self-realization
* work in a small highly specialized team possessing unparalleled expertise in the field
* flexible working hours and the possibility of home office

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