Linux System Administrator [ABC0001538]

19.04.2016, počet zobrazení: 7207

Náplň práce

You will deploy new infrastructure, streamline existing systems, and develop improved monitoring of mission-critical services.

You will have complete control over hardware and networks, and work with the Technical Director to identify new opportunities for automation and virtualisation.

You will extend existing Continuous Integration practices for the Quality Assurance team.

In weekly team meetings you will hear what your colleagues have been working on and offer any insight you have on challenges and opportunities that they report.

You will be encouraged to contribute to Open Source tools that you use in the course of your work, and travel to related conferences.


- EU based
- Good English skills
- 3+ years Linux sysadmin experience
- Debian systems experience
- Bash scripting
- Scripting service automation
- Familiarity with PHP
- Both dedicated and VPS server management
- Git and SVN administration

Desirable, but not required:
- Experience working with Open Source communities
- MTA expertise (especially postfix)
- Familiarity with IPv6 networking


- Competitive salary
- Remote working
- Flexible hours
- Paid vacations
- Paid conference travel
- Sick pay
- Periodic pay review / rises

Kontaktní osoba

Jméno Sam
Telefon +49 15792 332312
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